Deutsch-Französische Wirtschaftsclub in Bayern e.V.


The Deutsch-Französische Wirtschaftsclub in Bayern e.V. / Club économique franco-allemand de Bavière (DFW – Website:, LinkedIn Page:  The DFW supports business and economic relations between Germany and France and offers its members a lively platform for exchange and for making new contacts. The primary purpose of the Club is to offer a value-added forum for its members. Most of the Club’s members are active in the business, science and public institution sectors. The Club provides them a regular program of events and discussion evenings focused on current German-French business topics, especially those involving practical applications. Also featured are dinner meetings and other activities that enable members to meet and network in a lively atmosphere. In parallel, the Club supports a lively cooperation between companies and universities with a number of activities that support German-French business development in Bavaria while also serving as a source of contacts and related information. All persons, companies and institutions interested in our initiatives are welcome to participate.